LELE Toolkit

Resource Files for Your Own Local Initiatives

These materials are provided for your use and modification under a Creative Commons "Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0" license. (Original materials updated from those created for Irvington's Green Policy Task Force.)

Please let us know how you have made use of any of these materials in your organization or municipality.

NOTE: All of our files are stored on Dropbox (basically everything except youtube videos), Upon clicking links below, you may see a popup requestor from Dropbox asking if you want to set up an account. Simply click the "X" in top right corner to dismiss the popup. Then you should see the Dropbox page with the file link or the actual pdf or video for viewing (or downloading.)

Latest update: 10/25/19

Letter templates that you can edit (.doc):

Here's an example of the muni to homeowner letter for quick reference (.pdf).

Municipal Mulching-in-Place Resolutions:

Discussion Points, Training Outlines & Surveys:

LELE Initiative Power Points:

LELE 1 Page Info BLURB:

LELE Posters:

LELE Training Postcards:

LELE Photos:

LELE Testimonials:

Please contact us directly if you are interested in publishing any of the testimonial ads. We can supply printer ready artwork (.pdf) or sources (.ai) of these along with signed release statements.

Bookmark source files (Illustrator .ai) (ver 4):

Bookmark printer files (.pdf) (ver 4):

Logo files (Illustrator .ai):

Logo files (jpgs):

Animated Logo files (GIFs):

Yard Sign source files (Illustrator .ai):

Yard Sign printer files (.pdf):

Truck Magnet source files (Illustrator .ai):

Truck Magnet printer files (.pdf):

5 1/2" Stick Yard Sign source files (Illustrator .ai):

5 1/2" Stick Yard Sign printer files (.pdf):

"HOW TO" Pocket Guide (2 sided bi-lingual) (.pdf):

Bumper Sticker (rev 2):

Static Window Sticker:

Grass Cycling:


Landscaper Training:

"How Tos":


Misc. Videos:

Articles and Publications:

Please refer to the Homeowner page for an extensive list of leaf mulching and grass-cycling articles and publications.


If a link is broken or appears out-of-date, please let us know. Often, the best remedy is to search the source site (for that specific article name or topic) to find the updated URL.

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