Mamaroneck Joins Larchmont to Promote "Healthy Yard" Campaign

The Town of Mamaroneck is promoting their “Healthy Yard” campaign which is a tri-municipal program (see note below) to encourage residents not to use pesticides and herbicides.  Residents take a pledge and the town delivers a small, pretty yard sign to their home.  The idea is to get the word out so residents see a lot less of the yellow, pesticide signs and more of these!  Since announced, over 140 residents have taken the pledge and proudly display a healthy yard sign in their garden or yard. For more information please go to

The “Healthy Yards” program started in Rye.  The Town of Mamaroneck’s environmental committee, the Sustainability Collaborative, learned about it and wanted to initiate the program as well.  They asked the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck if they wanted to join in and a Tri-municipal Healthy Yard program was born.  Read the press release.