Drop That Rake and Green Your Leaves

In the Nyack News & Views online paper, Susan Hellauer writes in her Oct 29, 2016 Sustainable Saturday column about the LELE initiative in Nyack.

"In the old days we set them on fire. After that, we drove them away. This time we’re going to chop them into pieces and leave them lying on the lawn.

Home defense for a zombie apocalypse? Nope. Just eco-common sense for your autumn leaves.

Now that we’re used to sweeping, raking, blowing or dragging our autumn leaf quota to the edge of the gutter (not into the gutter, thanks), where big noisy diesel trucks suck them up and ride them to the county compost pile . . . here comes a better way."

Read the full article -> Sustainable Saturday: Drop That Rake and Green Your Leaves

In 2015, Nyack Village (a Climate Smart Community) passed a resolution to promote the LELE mulch-in-place approach to handling fall leaves.