In the News!

As CBS 2′s Janelle Burrell reports, Fall is the time of year when many homeowners spend their weekends piling up the leaves so county contractors can haul them off to a composting site. A movement known as “Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em” is catching on across Westchester, in place of the more traditional raking, vacuuming and bagging.

“It’s throwing money away for sure,” landscaper Tim Downey told Burrell. “It’s chauffering the leaves around. We call it taking leaves for a truck ride.”

Watch the entire clip on the CBS 2 news site (1:15 in length, preceded by a short ad). Posted Nov. 25, 2013.

Meanwhile, Leaf Mulching is covered in the New York Times.

"They have been burned, blown into piles, raked into bags and generally scorned by homeowners everywhere. Fall leaves — so pretty on the trees, such a nuisance when they hit the ground — have long been a thing to be discarded. But now some suburban towns are asking residents to do something radical: Leave the leaves alone."

Check out the full article (.pdf) by Lisa W. Foderaro. Posted Nov. 24, 2013.